Tracking Your Chapter 13 Petition

When you are involved in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding, you will want to stay abreast of all the latest developments in your case as they happen. A bankruptcy lawyer will keep you in the loop as he helps you navigate your case’s intricacies. But there are tools for you to take charge of your own case, as well.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Uses National Data Center

For example, there is the powerful, free online tool at the National Data Center’s website which you can use to check all the details of your Chapter 13 case at any time. Simply go to the website, enter the pertinent information about your case (your name, your case number and your social security number for verification), and you will be taken to an overview of your case’s details. All data is encrypted for security, so you won’t have to worry about releasing personal information over the web.

The National Data Center website allows you to track the disbursements of your Chapter 13 settlement to creditors, enabling you to verify that payments are being made promptly to creditors. It will also show creditors who have not filed claims in your case, which can be a problem if the bankruptcy proceeding ends without that creditor receiving payment; if they have a lien on your property, that lien will still be valid. So, for example, you can check to be sure the lender on your car payment has filed a claim and is being paid, so that you do not come out of bankruptcy still owing the loan on your car.

The National Data Center is a powerful tool at your fingertips, but does not replace the expertise of a St. Petersburg bankruptcy lawyer in handling the intricacies of your Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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