Bankruptcy Court Ruffled Over Sale of Yankees Ring

champ ringThe 2009 Championship ring of Alex Rodriguez was once a prized possession, but is now causing turmoil for being sold at auction. Although Rodriguez has had his fair share of ill impressions in the media spotlight, it is his cousin that is now in trouble with the court.

Sold To The Highest Bidder

Yuri Sucart had reportedly grown tired of the notoriety that came with being associated with his famous cousin, Alex Rodriguez. The two had a falling out over Rodriguez blaming Sucart for persuading him to use steroids when he played for the Texas Rangers. Once the two became estranged, Sucart fell on hard times and took his financial problems to bankruptcy court in 2011.

In late December, Sucart sold the replica Championship ring for $10,000 to help make ends meet. A Florida bankruptcy court is now pursuing Sucart for failing to report ownership of the ring as an asset in his initial filing. Sucart also did not report the income from the sale to his Trustee, an omission that is likely to lead to consequences. Further, the auction house consigned to sell the ring for the winning bidder could lose the right to sell it in an upcoming auction.

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