Welcome to our Hillsborough County Bankruptcy Law Blog

Welcome to our Hillsborough County Bankruptcy Law Blog

A few years ago, major changes were made to the bankruptcy law. There was a great deal of confusion that still lingers to this day.

At the Debt Relief Legal Group LLC, in Florida, our attorneys take pride in keeping up with changes in the law and keeping the people we represent informed of those changes. We have more than 50 years of combined legal experience. We are specifically dedicated to providing debt relief services. That is what we do every day, so you can be confident that we know the process from start to finish.

We eliminate confusion by providing straightforward, honest information to the people we represent, people who are struggling with debt. That is why we created this blog.

We encourage you to check back for frequent updates. Feel free to share your comments with us as well. If you are considering bankruptcy and you have not already contacted our lawyers, we encourage you to do so.

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