Filing For Bankruptcy and Future Employment

If you are considering filing for Tampa bankruptcy, you may be concerned with how the bankruptcy will look to your potential employers down the line. Will filing for bankruptcy show up when employers search your background?


“You Cannot Be Fired”

According to federal law, you cannot be fired as a direct result of your declaration of bankruptcy. Nor can filing for bankruptcy legally result in any sort of discrimination, including demotion, reduction of salary, or other punitive measures.

In general, the only way an employer should learn about your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is if you decide to mention it for some reason. It does not show up on a background check or anything else a potential employer would be looking at. The exceptions are if you decide to pursue a career in finance or banking, where routine credit checks are usually performed on potential employees, where your bankruptcy would show up. This could cause a potential problem for an employer seeking to hire someone to manage their money, and they are totally within their rights to turn you down for the job based on this information. Any potential employer who wishes to run a credit check on you must first ask your permission, so you do have the right to refuse; however,  the employer then has the right to refuse to hire you based on your unwillingness to undergo the routine credit check.

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