Tips For a Streamlined Chapter 7 Filing

Navigating the turbulent waters of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case can be difficult in the best of circumstances. A bankruptcy lawyer is the best pilot you can ask for, and you would do well to seek the counsel of an experienced one to help you. Here are some basic tips compiled from a panel of bankruptcy experts:

Triple-Check Your Chapter 7 Documents

Your Chapter 7 case rests in large part on the strength of your petition to the bankruptcy court, which you present through the stack of documents you need to fill out when filing. In order to get the best outcome for your case, you need to make sure you have an absolutely exhaustive compendium of debts, pay histories, tax returns, and bank statements, chronicling your financial situation to the nth degree. Your finances are being put under the microscope and you need to be sure the slides are all in order.

Don’t Wait Until Too Late

Timing is important in your Chapter 7 filing; the longer you wait, the less options you may have to get out from under your crushing debt. When creditors are becoming more aggressive and your financial straits are drying up to naught, your options start to become very limited. Consult a Tampa bankruptcy lawyer before this happens and you may be surprised at how many options are still available to you to start anew.

All is Not Lost

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not the end of your financial solvency, but can be a new beginning. You will be given the opportunity to rebuild your credit and remain in good standing. Ask your bankruptcy lawyer about the right steps to take to move forward in your new credit life.

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