Debt Forgiveness In Flordia Bankruptcy

Anyone dealing in debt knows firsthand the stress financial hardship can bring upon a family. Missing payments, trouble making ends meet and harassing calls from creditors can often make you feel like there is no way out.


While you may have considered filing for bankruptcy, chances are you probably feel guilty about this idea. You shouldn’t, here is why:

Bankruptcy Is Quick – one of the biggest benefits of the bankruptcy process is the ability to stop all collection efforts immediately. When you file for bankruptcy the court issues an automatic stay order, which prohibits creditors from contacting you or making further collection efforts. The automatic stay order can halt or prevent a foreclosure, stop wage garnishment, protect against repossession, and even terminate calls from creditors.

Bankruptcy Is Necessary – while bankruptcy is a great tool for debt relief, any experienced St. Petersburg bankruptcy attorney will tell you that  it  isn’t for everyone. However, what they will also help you understand that is it may just be the only solution for your financial situation. If you are drowning in medical debt, facing foreclosure or having your wages garnished, bankruptcy should be the solution you consider first.

Bankruptcy Is Moral – it is common for people to feel guilty about filing for bankruptcy. Years of misconceptions and myths about bankruptcy have people feeling the process is a bad thing. It is important to remember that you haven’t done anything wrong. For most people, the need for bankruptcy arises due to unavoidable circumstances.  Bankruptcy is a tool for starting fresh and giving your family the financial future they deserve, that is a moral decision in anyone’s book.

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