Your Role In Bankruptcy

Many people assume that filing for bankruptcy means that they simply hand over their financial information and wait for the court to grant a discharge. While the court is the authority  on the outcome of your case, there are things you will be required to do in order to have your debts resolved.

Remember that the bankruptcy process is an active process, and one that requires your participation.

Get Involved

Your first stop to debt relief is the office of a St. Petersburg bankruptcy attorney. In this office you will consult with an experienced attorney and review your financial situation. It is important that you be as detailed and honest about your situation as possible. Providing a  lack of information, misleading information or hiding crucial details about your debts, income, or asset can jeopardize your eligibility to obtain a debt discharge. In general, the following actions can be considered problematic and lead to a dismissal of your case:

  • Hiding or destroying assets within a year before filing bankruptcy
  • Hiding or destroying assets under the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy case after the bankruptcy case is filed
  • Hiding, destroying, falsifying, or failing to keep records about the debtor’s financial condition (including income, debt amounts, assets and fund accounts)
  • Misrepresenting your personal identification information or representing yourself as someone else
  • Filing in multiple jurisdictions
  • Making a false oath

Another aspect that will require your participation is the debtor education course offered by a credit counselor. This course is required in order to obtain a discharge, and failing to attend the course or provide the court with the competition certificate can delay your case. Similarly, failing to pay the necessary court fees can also prevent your case from proceeding with the court.

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