Know Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

The bankruptcy process is a valuable tool for many people dealing with financial insolvency. In order to protect the debtor and prevent abuse of the system, the process is governed by some strict regulations.

Therefore, anyone considering filing for bankruptcy should always be under the guidance of an experienced New Port Richey bankruptcy attorney.

Finding The Right One

While you may think that all bankruptcy attorneys are created equal, the fact is that there is a wide range of skill and experience levels between them. It is important you find one that matches well with your unique financial situation and needs. Some of the most important areas to look for are:

  • Experience — having served many years in the field, trained under an accredited University, etc.
  • Competence — by way of affiliations with professional organizations, such as NACBA or a Bar Association
  • Knowledge –of all areas of debt relief, including potential options outside of bankruptcy like debt negotiation
  • Flexibility — in that they aren’t trying to sell you on filing for bankruptcy, or presenting it as your only solution

One of the first places to start is asking for referrals.  Even though you may not be comfortable sharing your need for bankruptcy with others, you can still find great information online. Look at impartial consumer reviews from previous clients through the Better Business Bureau and advertising sites like yellow pages.

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